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01.05.13 DLFF-119 + DLFF-058

dl02829_webFor the second german castle day, we planned operation from two different castles in two different WWFF-areas. In the morning we started from the castle of Grötschenreuth, located in DLFF-119. In a nearly 3 hour operation we managed altogether 215 contacts. The band was very busy with the OEFF-contest also this morning but the interest on the castle as well on the WWFF still was great. A report on the operation from DLFF-119 with castle-number WCA DL-02829 can be found here.

After a break for dinner we started for the next location. The castle of Waldershof, located in DLFF-058. Conditions now much poorer in the afternoon. Later also some problems with the nearly empty battery. The last contacts were made with QRP on 40 CW. Finally 126 stations went into the log. A report on the operation from DLFF-058 with castle-number WCA DL-03830 can be found here

Thanks to all stations which were calling in. Logs were uploaded and QSL-cards will be sent automatically via the bureau.

14.04.13 DLFF-206 first activation

nearly arrived at oschenbergThe new nature-reserve Muschelkalkgebiet am Oschenberg DLFF-216 was first activated at april 14. It was my first WWFF-operation in the new saison and the first weekend which allowed an outside-operation.aufbauweb Operation started at 0814 UTC and was mainly 40 meter-operation. 20 meter had some short openings but the highest amount of stations was as usual 7Mhz. Used FT450 battery-powered and a double-dipole. Altogether 297 stations made it into the log which is already uploaded to WWFF-logsearch and QSL-cards still in process for delivery via the buro. Thanks to all callers and listeners and hope to meet you from another beautiful place as DA0CW/p. 73, 44, Manfred DF6EX
A report on the activation can be found as PDF-file here

WWFF future

logsearchOften heard the question in the past, how will WWFF go on. Very easy answer, WWFF goes on in the future as it started as a very interesting program, which gives a lot of portable operators a new view in our beautiful nature. When starting in 2009 it was absolutely fantastic to see, what real great pile-ups resulted in just visiting a beautiful part of the nature.

All attempts from the former russian founder RW3GW to convert it into a commercial business failed. There were very bad new feelings for those who payed for awards and plaques in the past which were never sent and probably never produced by the orginal founder RW3GW.

After we all left RW3GW and we founded a new team again this time Igor EW4DX simply stopped with the upload of logs. Several kind attempts failed to get the work of the activators back. I agree that really Igor built up the first database, but the data were not his own. All that was done by you, the activators, the real essence of WWFF. So my proposal to him was simply to give out the mails with the logs as they were not his personal ownership but he finally doesn´t reply at all and it seems that he believe they belong to him.

With the new start now everything is open. M6ADB Andrew together with a team developed a new logsearch-program. We are actually in the process to get logs from previous activations. Meanwhile more than 1000 logs till today were received here and will be uploaded in an automatic batch process.

Additionally more than 500 german logs plus additionally the more than 250 received since june 2012 are also save and will be inserted in the system.

There are already more than 2200 logs in the system and we will continue. We probably never get all previous logs together but it´s up to you probably help us. All new inserted logs will be also mirrored to two additional servers to have an end of any monopolism.

Keep up enjoying WWFF

WWFF-logsearch at:
WWFF-homepage at:

So if you have any additional logs feel free to send it to us


29.12. Nature Reserve Waldnaabtal DLFF-143

From my first activity I had around 240 QSL-cards on stock with the printed reference-number. So when weather was looking so nice at the end of the year, we decided to go there for another short activity. Sun was shining, however only 6 degrees so maximum was two hours to stay in the car. Finally reached the destination with 230 contacts in the log. Thanks to the callers. All contacts are confirmed on QSL-cards which will leave next month via buro. Also the electronic-log is on the way to EW4DX. Hope to see you again in the next year, happy new year and good health to all of you.
A report on the activity can be found under this link !


In september 2012 made altogether three new WFF-operations. With OK8WFF at september 08 from Kladske Raseliny, then OEFF-217 as OE/OK8WFF/p from nature-park Karwendel at september 19 and finally DA0CW/p from nature reserver Karwendel&Karwendel-Vorgebirge at september 20 from DLFF-173 about 900 contacts were made. Got the last QSL-cards now from the printer and the latest cards from DLFF-173 and OEFF-217 were put into the buro today. OKFF-086 has been sent already on the day of the activation.
All logs are already in Flora-Fauna logsearch. 73, 44, Manfred DF6EX

03.10. Castle-Activation Castle-ruin of Schellenberg DL-02343

On october,03 Karl DL4RU and Manfred DF6EX activated together the castle of schellenberg. Activity was on 40/20/17 and 15 meters. Running two stations in mobile-shacks they were active with the special-call DP7COTA. All QSOs will be automatically confirmed via the buro with the special-DOK COTA. The file from the activation has been already uploaded to WCA-database. Flora-Fauna database will be updated in the coming weeks with the DLFF-093 credits. Report on the activation can be found under this link.

20.09. Nature Reserve Karwendel

The second part of our austrian/german operation was from the new german nature reserve Karwendel and Karwendel-Vorgebirge. A very large area with about 20000 ha of size. The day before we had the chance to check for a location, so we returned again in the same area about 15 kilometers away from the previous activation from OEFF-217 but this time on the german side. Activity was for nearly exact two hours not too far away from river isar. Altogether 255 stations could be worked on 40 and 20 meters. This time used our clubcall DA0CW/p again. Thanks to all callers. A report about the activity can be found here. QSL as usual via DL7RAG. You don´t need to send your card. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically.

19.09. OEFF-217 Nature-Park Karwendel

The first step could be completed successfully. My plan was to activate this nature-park from the area of Achenwald, not too far away from our accommodation. However it was raining extremely today in the morning so we had to cancel our planned mountain-tour. Instead of this we moved at first back to germany and moved via the Sylvenstein-Speicher back again to Austria claiming via Hinterriss directly to the Alpenpark-Karwendel. The weather was terrible, however nature still beautiful. On a small road you can drive in the area up till 1250 meters ASL. At about 1100 UTC we had to close down the wandering-activities as it still began to rain more and more. After some dinner break we decided to start a bit earlier as usually planned with the operation. So the only advantage was, due to the bad weather we had one large parking-area totally alone. During constantly rain we built up the station and were ready to go at 1041 UTC. In the next 2,5 hours around 300 contacts were made. Several attempts on 20 meters were for nothing. The band was nearly totally closed. To change the antenna and probably test on the other bands was impossible in the constant rain. However 40 meters was very successful and it seems that a lot of Flora-Fauna hunter could get a new one. During return-trip via Sylvenstein-Stausee we already picked some possibilities for the planned activity from DLFF-173.
A report on this activity as PDF-file can be found here !
73, 44, Manfred DF6EX

OEFF-217 and DLFF-173

I am currently planning an activation in the austrian and the bavarian alps.
I will be in the area starting september 19.
At first there is planned to activate OEFF-217 Karwendelgebirge with the callsign OE/OK8WFF.
Planned period is september 19, starting around 1430 UTC for about two or three hours.

In the second step the plan is to activate DLFF-173 Nature-Reserve Karwendel-Vorgebirge with the callsign DA0CW/p.
Planned period is september 20, starting around 1430 UTC for about two or three hours.

If for any reason the plan needs to be changed there is a weak possibility to do an activation on september 21 in the morning.

Currently nothing is sure, depends on weather and the environment.
If activity possible, QSL for both calls via DL7RAG

08.09. activating nature-reserve Kladske Raseliny OKFF-086

After several contacts with Petr OK1IN from OKFF he resend his application for new OKFF-areas to the WFF-commitee.
The application was accepted and 90 new OKFF-references were issued.
After checking the areas carefully I found out that one of them is in the area where I made some OKFF-006 activations before. So I´ve decided short termed to do some activation from there.
The area itself is absolutely fantastic and if you are in the area an absolutely must to see.
It´s located about 15 kilometer away from Marianske Lazne. The total distance from my home-QTH was 57 kilometers with an extreme climbing small road at the end but on top really worth to see. Location is about 900 meter above sea-level. In 2,5 hours about 250 contacts has been made as OK8WFF/p with 235 unique stations.
A report on the acitvation can be found here as PDF-file
Sorry that the small island in the picture doesn´t qualify for IOTA , but anyway also for Flora Fauna a nice sightseeing-tour.
All QSL-cards are already out via the buro. 73, 44, Manfred DF6EX – OK8WFF

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