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18.01. DP7COTA from DL-02834

First activation in the new year was from the abbot castle in Waldsassen DL-02834.

This was the last activity with the special-callsign DP7COTA. A lot of interest resulted in a final score of 225 contacts in a bit less than 2,5 hours. Used FT450 with 100 watts powered by a car-battery and a double-dipole at 4 meters above the ground. Thanks to all callers. QSL-cards are on the way via the buro.

A report about the activation can be found here

03.10. Castle-Activation Castle-ruin of Schellenberg DL-02343

On october,03 Karl DL4RU and Manfred DF6EX activated together the castle of schellenberg. Activity was on 40/20/17 and 15 meters. Running two stations in mobile-shacks they were active with the special-call DP7COTA. All QSOs will be automatically confirmed via the buro with the special-DOK COTA. The file from the activation has been already uploaded to WCA-database. Flora-Fauna database will be updated in the coming weeks with the DLFF-093 credits. Report on the activation can be found under this link.

OK-00273 Castle of Kynzvart

As shortly decided we were active today from the Castle of Kynzvart, Czech Republic under my callsign OK8WFF/p.
Conditions were absolutely terrible with rain and rain and rain. When going out of the car to change the band you were totally wet.
So finally 2,5 hours of operation ended with 136 contacts which are valid for national-park Slavkovsky Les OKFF-006 for World Flora Fauna Award and OK-00273 Castle of Kynzvart for World Castle Award.

Upload for the electronic logs will be sent to the responsible persons today. Bureau QSL-cards will leave next weekend.
73, 44, 11
Manfred DF6EX (OK8WFF/p – DA0CW/p)
More infos can be found here

Castle of Leuchtenberg DL-02339 and DLFF-093

Again an absolutely unplanned activity we decided within half an hour today to go to a new castle. The Castle of Leuchtenberg has the WCA-reference DL-02339 and the COTA-reference BOB 005. Additionally it´s located in the nature park “nördlicher Oberpfälzer Wald”. Altogether operation-time were 112 minutes with bad conditions on 17 meters and fine conditions on 20 meters which produced altogether 195 QSOs in the Log. QSOs for DA0CW/p as usual via the buro to DL7RAG. You don´t need to send your card. Cards will go in the buro automatically. More informations about the activity can be found here

Castle of Falkenberg WCA-activity DL-02335

After moving my current QTH now to the town of Falkenberg, of course also the nearby located castle was a must.
So after activating in the time before Castle of Falkenberg with my own call, I started also some activity with our club-station-call DA0CW.
About 470 contacts were made as DA0CW/p. QSOs will be confirmed via buro automatically from our QSL-manager DL7RAG.
You don´t need to send your card. Thanks for the contacts. Complete log will be also uploaded to the WCA-database.
73, 11, Manfred -DF6EX-
Additional report can be found here.

DA0CW/p 21.may 2011 wrap-up WFF DLFF-119 and WCA DL-02346

The 10th WFF-operation of Team DA0CW is history but a very successful one.

Beside the activation of Nature-Park Steinwald DLFF-119 which was a new one for a lot of callers we were able to hand out also the World-Castle-Award Counter DL-02346 for the nearby located Castle of Weissenstein (first activation). Propagation made it not easy from the beginning but in the second half of the roundabout 5 hours lasting operation we had a nice short-skip opening on 14MHz with more than 200 contacts in a row. Everything resulted finally in 722 QSOs, (last year we made 460 contacts from another location in DLFF-119). The mix of contacts showed 60 percent CW and 40 percent SSB, top-band was 14 MHz with 347 contacts, followed by 7 Mhz with 155 and 18 MHz with 146 QSO. We tried also 80 meters but seems that the low bands were not so productive after the heavy thunderstorms in the latest days before because also the 7 Mhz result was poor compared with the latest activities from other locations. Anyway the total-result was very well and with the previous year activity there are together nearly 1200 contacts with DLFF-119 in the record-database. After good 5 hours of operation the generator stopped and again a heavy weather appeared. So we decided to brake down the equipment to get it dry and safe into our cars. After dismanteling everything we decided to make a fast trip back into the history of this famous location  and made a short sightseeing through the remaining ruine of Weissenstein, built in the 13th century. On top of the scenery you have a wonderful view around the beautiful nature. However starting of thunder and lightning made our tour only a short one and we preferred to left immediately before the rain starts. We were not successful with this plan so we reached our cars a bit wet but very satisfied with the result.

The team consisted by Günther DC2RK, preparing trailer and all the equipment around including his excellent coffee-service for the operators, Xaver DK4RM operating 30 and 17 meters CW only, Manfred DF6EX operating 40 and 20 meters CW and SSB.

Additional WFF-report which we write for all our activations to the WFF can be viewed here.

The Castle of Falkenberg WCA DL-02335

Manfred -DF6EX- is now responsible for handing out COTA-numbers in German DARC District Bavaria-East U. In agreement with Andrew RN1CW and Gerhard DL5AWI the first listing out of the area of northern upper palatinate containing 16 castles has been presented and beside the internal COTA-numbers BOB-001 till BOB-016 all of them received their WCA-numbers from RN1CW.

First activity out of them was started with DL-02335, the castle of Falkenberg. This will be not a difficult task to get because two hams living with direct view to the castle. So watch for DL5RM Hans or DF6EX Manfred which are able to hand out this counter.
This first listing with the 16castles can be found here. There are also weblinks to the various objects included as well as QTH-locators. So stay tuned and watch for further activities in the future.

Also activity with DA0CW/p will follow in the near future. Watch the announcements in the various sources.

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