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NA182 NWT (Inuvik Region) 15./20.April 2010

CK8G – Greens Island NA-182

It’s now official: I’ll be on from Greens Island NA-182 from April 15-20, 2010.

Located at 69 22′ 36″ N 125 25′ 35″ W in the southwest corner of the Amundsen Gulf, Greens Island qualifies for the Inuvik Region (East) IOTA Group, as confirmed by IOTA Manager G3KMA. The community of Paulatuk, NWT is a scant 15 miles to the east and from there the island is easily accessible by boat in the summer or snowmobile in the winter. While a summer operation would be far easier, more comfortable, and (probably) cheaper, I wanted to go in April to take advantage of the better spring time propagation. The operating plan for the trip will be similar to my other operations. I’m expecting around-the-clock propagation on 20m so I will concentrate on Europe during their sunrise and sunset, North America during their sunset, and Asia right after their sunrise. This should allow me to work a good balance between all the areas and still get a few hours sleep every night. To insure strong signals in both directions I will again be bringing my TH3JRS yagi and FL2100B amplifier.

Luckily, I am very familiar with the area and do not anticipate any problems actually making the operation happen. In fact, I will likely have an opportunity to travel to Paulatuk on business sometime in the next few weeks which will allow me to make all the final arrangements and maybe even allow for a scouting trip out to the island.

I waited for quite a long time to make an announcement as I was still trying to come up with a plan that included bringing a CW operator along but in the end it was just too difficult and expensive. Air travel costs in the Arctic are astronomical and bringing a second op would have tripled or quadrupled the costs of the operation. Even though Greens Island is only 250 miles from my house, the cost of airfare and air freight for myself and my equipment to get to Paulatuk and back is more than flying economy class from Toronto to Paris! Once you add in the cost of renting a snowmobile, generator, and provisions, this whole operation rapidly turns into a very expensive proposition.

Donations are very welcome and can be done directly in the blog at

VY0V – NA231 Cezar is safe

After the very critical rescue-action out of his extreme dangerous situation, Cezar VE3LYC could be rescued.

Very good to know, all the best for you Cezar and thanks for your efforts.

Read the complete story from Cezar at his DX-pedition-homepage at:

(below an article which was spread in different publications by Skip W5GAI)

I spoke by phone with Cezar VY0V/VE3LYC’s wife Lucy.  Lucy had convinced RCMP that an air rescue was needed because the ground team was way  overdue. She said the 2 man ground rescue team arrived (after 27 hours) about the same time the twin otter plane did around 8PM local.

Cezar called Lucy upon arrival back in Fort Severn, about 120km from East Pen Is. NA-231. One of the two guides who took Cezar to the island was aboard the plane to assist in exact location. He was one of the two who abandoned Cezar approximately 8am on Tuesday, saying they had business back in the village of Ft. Severn and would return. Cezar put out his SOS for Rescue Wednesday afternoon after they didn’t return after 38 hours and he had run out of generator fuel, had no fire, battery running low for radio, rain and wind howling.

OC-279/OC-280/OC-281/OC-282 four new ones planned in march/april 2010

T32    – Nils (SM6CAS), Derek (G3KHZ), Steve (G4EDG) and Mike  (K9AJ),  plus
five Kiribati  Government  officials,  will  be  leaving  Christmas
Island on 17 March on a long voyage to the Southern  Line  Islands.
They plan to stop and operate  from  four  IOTA  new  ones,  namely
Malden Island (OC-279), Starbuck Island (OC-280),  Caroline  Island
(OC-281) and Vostok Island (OC-282). They  plan  to  be  active  on
each island for four days.
QSL direct via SM6CAS.
The callsigns will be:

T32MI Malden Island

T32VI Vostok Island

T32CI Caroline Island

T32SI Starbuck Island

The  voyage  will
be almost 1,800 nautical miles and they will  return  to  Christmas
on 20  April.  Further  information  is  expected  in  due  course,
bookmark  (currently  under  construction)  for

OC260-Oroluk Island

V6, MICRONESIA (Update – Rare IOTA to be Activated!). Operators Mike/KM9D
and Jan/KF4TUG onboard the “Don Henry”, are now on Oroluk Atoll (OC-260).
The following info was sent to OPDX by Mike:
“All being well, V63MY and V63TO are intending amateur radio activity
from a land-based station located at Oroluk Island beginning 02 March,
2010, and continuing for about 10-days.

Oroluk Island is located on the northwest of a lagoon bearing the
same name and is located near 07″37’N, 155″10’E.  Oroluk is situated
approximately 190 nautical miles WNW of Pohnpei Island, capitol for
Federated States of Micronesia, and within the bounds of Pohnpei State.

For island-collecting enthusiasts Oroluk atoll is IOTA reference OC-260.

Requests for QSL cards should be directed to the QSL manager, OM2SA.
The radio-log will also be included in the ARRL’s LoTW database.”

V63MY, V63TO
Oroluk Island, OC-260
Pohnpei State
Federated States of Micronesia
07’37″N, 155’10″E (QJ77no)
QSL via OM2SA and/or LoTW

QSL-card from latest activity from OC259 and OC167QSL from latest activity from OC259 and OC167

NA231-East Pen Island (end of march)

For this trip Cezar has retained the services of two local guides. All the camping gear will be loaded on sleds towed by snowmobiles. Under good weather conditions, the travel to the island should take around 10 hours. Radio equipment will be carefully packed to minimize the severe beating it will take during transportation. Since the sled has no struts, the uneven ground surface will make it jump up to 30/40 cm and land hardly. Inside the tent, condensation will have to be eliminated before switching on the rig. Weather conditions are of concern. Outside temperature is expected to be at the time -20C or lower. The team could leave for the island on good weather, but situation can change very rapidly up north. In less than an hour a blizzard could make the travel impossible. Out there they will have to put up the tent and wait for a change in weather before continuing their journey. This is a rather difficult project and although Cezar is fully committed to it, he wants to convey to everyone that it may have to be aborted if safety concerns dictate it.

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