DF6EX/p from DLFF-067 at july, 18 2010

Nature-Park Hirschwald is located between the cities of Amberg, Nürnberg and Regensburg. After checking the cluster for any previous activities I found that there was no announcement before, so decided when I´m in the area to take some equipment with me. It finally resulted in a short-time activity at july,18 2010 with an effective operation time of two hours which produced altogether 143 QSOs, 100{72591f6d8a8fc1f4822c61c58060100e60996ae004c6d2383114e8267c1c8b48} SSB.
90 percent of the contacts where made on 20meters, remaining contacts on 40meters however nearly no condition on 40 during the operation time.
Nature Park Hirschwald is a beautiful area with a lot of sightseeings inside. To find out more about the area check out:

Naturpark Hirschwald

Thanks for all stations for calling. All contacts where confirmed to the WFF-database.
Also QSL-cards for all contacts were filled and will leave the bureau in august.

Hope to meet you from another WFF-spot, plans including some activity with the DA0CW-group and also OK8WFF-activity will follow again.

73, 44, Manfred -DF6EX-

Report for activity from DLFF-067 at july,18 2010

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