GMFF-021 by MM0DGR/p 27.03.2010

GMFF Team [] will be working as MM0DGR/p from Den of Airlie National Nature Reserve [GMFF-021] on 27th March, 2010. This is a «new one» entity for the WFF [World Flora and Fauna] award program []. At the moment we don’t know exact location of the station’s position, but it’s going to be quite close to the Airlie Castle located in the Angus Glen.
The Den of Airlie National Nature Reserve covers a relatively small site but is the largest area of ancient woodland in Angus [EPC EU Area SC03]. It comprises a mixed deciduous gorge woodland which supports a high number of woodland flowering plants, mosses and liverworts, many of which are rare. Several species of invertebrate which are rare or very local in their distribution occur. Significantly the site is relatively undisturbed and has a continuous history of woodland cover. Its significance is in regional or national terms rather than in international importance.
Approximate location references are – OS National Grid Reference: NO293520; WAB Square: NO25; Grid Locator: IO86KP; Latitude: 56°39′16″N; Longitude: 03°09′17″W; IOTA: EU-005; WLOTA: LH-1234. We will be working CW, SSB, and BPSK63 on all bands between 7 MHz and 28 MHz. Because of the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest held on this weekend, we will take part in the contest for a while working SSB on 40, 20, and if propagation allows, on 15 and 10 meter bands. QSL-cards should be sent via MMØDFV.
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