08.09. activating nature-reserve Kladske Raseliny OKFF-086

After several contacts with Petr OK1IN from OKFF he resend his application for new OKFF-areas to the WFF-commitee.
The application was accepted and 90 new OKFF-references were issued.
After checking the areas carefully I found out that one of them is in the area where I made some OKFF-006 activations before. So I´ve decided short termed to do some activation from there.
The area itself is absolutely fantastic and if you are in the area an absolutely must to see.
It´s located about 15 kilometer away from Marianske Lazne. The total distance from my home-QTH was 57 kilometers with an extreme climbing small road at the end but on top really worth to see. Location is about 900 meter above sea-level. In 2,5 hours about 250 contacts has been made as OK8WFF/p with 235 unique stations.
A report on the acitvation can be found here as PDF-file
Sorry that the small island in the picture doesn´t qualify for IOTA , but anyway also for Flora Fauna a nice sightseeing-tour.
All QSL-cards are already out via the buro. 73, 44, Manfred DF6EX – OK8WFF

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