Castle of Falkenberg WCA-activity DL-02335

After moving my current QTH now to the town of Falkenberg, of course also the nearby located castle was a must.
So after activating in the time before Castle of Falkenberg with my own call, I started also some activity with our club-station-call DA0CW.
About 470 contacts were made as DA0CW/p. QSOs will be confirmed via buro automatically from our QSL-manager DL7RAG.
You donĀ“t need to send your card. Thanks for the contacts. Complete log will be also uploaded to the WCA-database.
73, 11, Manfred -DF6EX-
Additional report can be found here.

Updated: Sonntag, der 26. Juni 2011 — 3:26
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