OC-279/OC-280/OC-281/OC-282 four new ones planned in march/april 2010

T32    – Nils (SM6CAS), Derek (G3KHZ), Steve (G4EDG) and Mike  (K9AJ),  plus
five Kiribati  Government  officials,  will  be  leaving  Christmas
Island on 17 March on a long voyage to the Southern  Line  Islands.
They plan to stop and operate  from  four  IOTA  new  ones,  namely
Malden Island (OC-279), Starbuck Island (OC-280),  Caroline  Island
(OC-281) and Vostok Island (OC-282). They  plan  to  be  active  on
each island for four days.
QSL direct via SM6CAS.
The callsigns will be:

T32MI Malden Island

T32VI Vostok Island

T32CI Caroline Island

T32SI Starbuck Island

The  voyage  will
be almost 1,800 nautical miles and they will  return  to  Christmas
on 20  April.  Further  information  is  expected  in  due  course,
bookmark  (currently  under  construction)  for

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