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21.04.13 DLFF-175 first activation

setup in DLFF-175Another new one was the destination at 21.april. Saturday was again rainy the whole day, so we decided to go again on sunday. Nature Reserve Kiefern- u. Flechenwälder is located in the near of Nürnberg. It took us about 1 hour to reach and build up the equipment. Conditions were worst this weekend and 20 meters was mostly unusable. Only about 50 stations made it into the log there. However 40 meters again was excellent and altogether 271 stations were logged from the new multiplier. Location in the middle of the woods made it not so easy to get the antenna perfect working. SWR was not too excellent there. Finally we closed down the station after nearly 2,5 hours of operation. Around dinner-time the 40meter-band closed down rapidly and 20 meters was still almost dead. Return drive was made through the bavarian jura with some excellent views.rig on the backseat of the car
Log is already available in WWFF-logsearch and also QSL-cards are still in process. Cu from the next one. 73, 44 DA0CW/p (DF6EX)
A report as PDF-file can be found here

New WINQSL-updates april 2010 finished

The updates for WINQSL april 2010 were released at april, 01.

All registered users should have received their instruction-mail.

Update-database for the coming Flying-Horse Callbook-CD-rom was delivered to the producers at april, 02.

Update-database for QRZ-online was uploaded this moment. The new manager-database will be available around 1000UTC at april, 03.

You can check the database online at:


The database will be update normally monthly and if larger changes are required also during the month.

You can check the latest status-update at my profile at:


73, Fred -DF6EX- editor

QSL-info-database for Flying Horse Callbook CD-Rom

As you probably know, I am the editor from the QSL-manager-listing which is enclosed on the Flying horse callbook CD-rom.

If you have any updates/additions/changes please send it to me via e-mail:


Deadline will be march, 28.

All informations received until this date will be published in the listing.

New update at QRZ.com

The WINQSL-data were transferred to the QRZ.com-website.

Upload was done at march, 02. 2010  0500UTC

File will be accessable at


73, DF6EX

WINQSL-online-update 03/2010 released

The online-update-files for WINQSL were released a few minutes ago.

You can download the latest file either from the download-area at www.winqsl.de or via the online-updater if you have a valid licence-file.

All subscribers will get a mail with the required details.

Enjoy DXing, Fred -DF6EX-

WINQSL-Update Release 03/2010

The WINQSL-disc-updates were produced and tested today and will be in the mail tomorrow morning.
Production of the online-updates has started right now.

New database-update at QRZ.com

The WINQSL-data where transferred to the QRZ.com-website.

Upload will happen around 0800 UTC at february 05  2010.

Upload include data from latest february update plus a lot of individual changes. File will be accessable at


73, DF6EX

New Update WINQSL february 2010 released

At 31.january the new update-files for WINQSL were released.

The files are available either as download from the web-site

http://www.winqsl.de  in the download-area. For unpacking you need the required password.

All listed users got a mail with the required password. The file is also available for the Online-Updater.

You need to have a valid licence-file to download the data with the Updater.

Enjoy DXing, Fred -DF6EX-

Grid-desing main-page

New grid-components were included for main-access to the QSL-manager-database. (10.01.10)


Included update-capabilities for direct-, qsl-policy and old-manager-database. Rel8 (06.01.10)

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