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received an IOTA-surprise

After entering my postbox I was very happy to find the QSL-cards from Cezar CE9/VE3LYC and Johan CE9/PA3EXX for their operations from SA031 and SA097 in it. Two new ones and only 60 more remaining till the IOTA-tropy 1000. The most surprising card for me however was the card from UA0QBA. Worked him several times in 1999 and 2000 on various bands I did 5 attempts to get the card directly, no success.
This was also the only station till today which I worked from AS028. I followed all his QSL-rules and tried to include anything in the envelope but no reply. Not sure if any of the letter reached him at all, because got also no reply to my email-attempts. However then hope at the final end.
Knowing Igor EW4DX, the master of World-Flora-Fauna-Program very well, I asked him, if he could help me.
Three weeks later I received the card from UA0QBA directly from Igor EW4DX.
Thank you very much my friend, for your help. This was my IOTA-confirmation Nr. 943.


Important news from Roger Balister G3KMA.
If you have previous contacts with the deleted entries of Abu Ail or Penguin Islands, which were deleted due to the reason of the DXCC-deletion they can be transferred to their new qualifying groups. So if you have cards for these two, Penguin is now valid for AF-070-group and Abu Ail for AS-009-group.

Original-Text from IOTA-website:

. POLICY CHANGE ON DELETED ISLANDS – the last sentence of E.5.5 has been amended to read ‘In the event of an island DXCC entity group being deleted, the IOTA group number will be archived and score credits will normally be moved on request to the IOTA group to which the island or islands are transferred.’ The previous policy of withdrawing credits which was applied in the case of the Penguin Islands (previously AF-055), Jabal at Tayr (previously AS-034) and Abu Ail (previously AS-035) is recognised as sitting uneasily with the practice of other award programmes to allow credit to stand when there is a change of sovereignty (in the case of DXCC on a Deleted Entities List where credits count towards a range of award scores). There is evidence also that it was inconsistent with practice in the very early days of the IOTA Programme when change of sovereignty had no effect on credits earned. With immediate effect cards for contacts with the Penguin Islands (Penguin and Seal) and the Red Sea Islands (Jabal at Tayr and Abu Ail) may be submitted for credit to AF-070 and AS-009 respectively. There are no other cases.

AS-030 Iwoto Island (Kita Iwo Jima)

As I missed earlier activities from there, just was lucky enough to work JD1BIE from Kita Iwo Jima Island as my IOTA-Nr. 924 confirmed.

Shige was so kind to confirm the second contact with a different QSL-card showing the famous Okino-Torishima-“Reef” shown from top. Very interesting motive, thanks Shige.

I finally found two weeks ago also an ancient video-tape with the expedition 8J1RL from 1979, not so good quality but very interesting to look how they made a country were not really one existed. Meanwhile as visible on the QSL-card there really exist land but not at the end of the 70s.

To my biggest surprise two months ago I received another new one card for the contacts with JD1BIE. So thanks again for rising my color-QSL-card-collection in the near of the 4000 mark, Shige.

new IOTA-cards arrived here

All of you a happy and successful new year 2011

After pulling the plug in my old QTH with 26000 contacts with DXCC-full-house, more than 950 IOTAs and around 1200 confirmed WFFs in 2010 which brought me in the best time to Nr. 8 in WFF-top-hunter-roll the Butternut HF9 still parking in my garage.
Picture shows my Butternut-groundplane number 3.
Buyed the first HF5 in 1980, when moved the last time in the early 90s buyed the second one, a HF6 with WARC-addition which was kept some years later by a very heavy storm and was replaced by a HF9.

Will see if I´m interested to continue in the new year. Currently 50cm snow are no good argument for antenna-work. So during the silent days took also some pictures from the neighboured nature-park Steinwald DLFF-119.

As my activity is very low at the moment I´m concentrating to fill up the missing ones. Postman brought me 4 new ones for my IOTA Nr. 934,935,936 and 937.

Received from Bill VK4FW my card for OC141 VK8MM (his second call, the picture has nothing to do with the operator).

In todays mail now the cards from T32CI, T32MI and T32SI arrived via their manager SM6CAS.

To send him the cards and get the reply took only 10 days. If some other manager like K1IED or IZ8CCW would follow this rule DXing would make much more fun.

So thanks for the good work to Nils SM6CAS.

SA079-Rasa Island

In today´s snail-mail the card from PT1R arrived here.

Thanks to the whole team for the especially excellent CW-activation. The activity was in may 2009. QSL-manager PY1NB.
This brought me to a confirmed total of 923 IOTAs. 73, DF6EX

AS-127 St.Martin´s Island

A group of four operators from Bangla-Desh activated Chittagon Region Group in january 2009. They are currently also in planning for a new activity in 2010. QSL-manager for this activity was EB7DX.

AS128-Phu Quoc Island

After long time finally two operations in a row activated the rare AS128-group in 2008. At first RL3BM activated XV4BM in october 2008, after this operation Hans-Peter HB9BXE made his trip as XV4BX. Currently he is in the final phase for the coming expedition to AS185 Con Co Island Vietnam. The operation is planned for 10-18.april 2010 under the callsign 3W6c. QSL-manager for XV4BX is EB7DX.

OC211-VK6IOA-Houtmans Abrolhous

Thanks to the team around VK6IOA and their QSL-manager VK4AAR. They managed to finish the trip to Robertson Island at 03.Jan2010 and replied the QSL-card just before IOTA-honor-roll deadline at 28.Jan2010. Super-Service especially including two airmail-paths from europe to australia and back. Thanks for the excellent activation.

(Update 03.Feb2010) today got the IO’TA-QSL-cards back from IOTA-checkpoint. Currently it´s not accepted as the checkpoint is still waiting for the documentation.

(Update 24.Feb2010 from G3KMA web-site) OC-211 VK6IOA Robertson Island, Pelsaert Group, Houtman Abrolhos
(December 2009/January 2010) is accepted for IOTA.


A long awaited letter from south america brought me two confirmed new ones.

PT2OP who was active from two different islands in SA080-groups in 2009 activated Boipeba Island and and Tinhare Island.

In july 2009 he was active from Maiau Island in SA041 group.

Both credits brought me to a total confirmed score of 921 IOTAs. Thanks to PT2OP,

Fred -DF6EX-

AN012-Anvers Island (US-antarctic research station Palmer)

In 2002  I arranged a schedule with the QSL-manager K1IED for a QSO with KC4AAC as this was the only station this time which qualified for AN012.

Finally in the middle of the night the QSO was successful and this time I was very thankful to Larry K1IED for his help. But then an unbelievable odyssey of attempts was made to get finally a confirmation. My good friend Xaver DK4RM worked him just a few minutes after my QSO but had the same results. Altogether 10 attempts on the direct way to Larry K1IED where made (with more than enough donations) without any success. E-Mails were never answered from him. When you look in some stateside conversations the same happened to a lot of other guys. The only question is, why he acts as manager when he don´t want to do it in a professional way.

Thanks to Xaver, who finally found out that the operator at this time (23.sep.2002) was Skip WB0BBE. Skip took a research in his old logs and found out that we both were ok in the log.

Today his letter arrived where he sended Xaver and me the QSL-cards in advance. Thank you very much Skip, this was really ham-spirit.   Fred -DF6EX-

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