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views of awards and plaques with required rules

Green Ukraine Award

green ukraine 10Green Ukraine 15
Green Ukraine-Award will be given to all applicants free of charge. The award is available in three classes for 5, 10 or 15 references. A list of all valid areas can be found here.

The listing shows the valid areas in the different sections.Green Ukraine 5

Also a lot of WWFF-references are valid as well as separate nature-reserves.

The award can be obtained by well-known DXer Paul UT1KY.

You can contact him for application at his mail-address


The belgium ONFF-group offers the ONFF-award in three different classes.
Bronze, Silver and Gold are available for 10, 25 or 50 different worked ON-flora-fauna-areas.

Applications can be done directly at Igor´s site at http://www.ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html

The award is free, and free only, and will be send to you by mail (electronic format), JPEG file.
Award-manager is Gino ON3SSB who handles all applications with a fast turnaround.


The romanian division of WFF offers an award, which is similar based than DXCC however only contacts with national-parks in the countries count.

Only the main DXFF Diploma request need 5 euros or 5 valid IRC, and is delivered printed.
Next upgrade diplomas is issued free of charge if required receipt in electronic format (pdf).

Applications can be done directly at Igor´s site at http://www.ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html
If desired format is printed will be paid 5 euros or 5 valid IRC each.

Address of Award Manager:

YO3JW, Fenyo Stefan
P.O.Box 19-43
RO-033210 Bucuresti 19

Contacts of Award Manager: fenyo3jw@yahoo.com

Basic class from the diplom is available for ten different DXCC-countries.
Endorsements awards for any ten new one are available.

Pit YO3JW answers every request very fast and professional and is also
one the activators from YP1WFF which were very active during the past years from all of the different YOFF-areas.

SPFFA-Polish Flora Fauna Award

The team from QTC-magazine issues the SPFFA-Award.
The electronic award format is free of charge.

You can get endorsement-awards (also free of charge) for each new three confirmed parks. In the beginning of my WFF-activities it gave me a big thrill to get them also in an order verified.
However in the end of my activities in october 2010 it became really stress. The parks in poland were growing so rapidly that I sometimes could manage to get more than ten new ones on a weekend.

You can order it simply via Igor´s EW4DX website at http://ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html
Award-manager is Sylwester SP2FAP who issues you the award rapidly within a day.

Those who wish to receive the paper version of the award should submit a fee of 10 Euro or 12 USD to this address:

Redakcja QTC
82-340 Tolkmicko

The funds may also be sent via PayPal to the following email address: qtc@post.pl

The first step of SPFFA-award starts with 3 worked SPFF-area.
In the beginning of WFF most operations were done by SN0WFF.

Was long time ranking in the top ten SPFF-hunter with best position at place 4. Finally cancelled the activity because it became too much time-consuming in the endless growing so stopped to set working-plans for new ones in the end of october.

For the long time cooperation the QTC-magazine issued me the honorary membership in 2010 and a bit later I became also full-member of the club.

Thanks to Sylwester SP2FAP for his always friendly and fast cooperation.
44, Manfred -DF6EX-

LZFFA-Bulgarian Flora Fauna Award

Cost of basic award (LZFFA BRONZE): 5 EUR, 8 USD or 4 IRC
Cost of additional stickers (SILVER or GOLD): 2 EUR, 3 USD or 2 IRC.
Cost of LZFFA HONOUR ROLL: 10 EUR, 15 USD or 8 IRC.
The LZFFA-Award comes along in three different classes.
5 different LZFF-areas needed
10 different LZFF-areas needed for silver
15 different LZFF-areas needed for gold
25 different LZFF-areas needed for honor-roll

The homepage for the program you´ll find at http://www.lzffa.com

The costs for the award needs to be paid only if you wish to get the awards via mail. If you accept delivery via e-mail they are free of charge.
Only the honor-roll includes beside the electronic award also a wooden-plaque which is from excellent quality and of course needs to be delivered via mail. Application took several weeks and the plaque comes excellent packed via registered mail and is worth every cent.

Payments can be done to LZ1HA via paypal so no risk for any money-transfer via mail.
Todor keeps you always informed about status of delivery, compliment guys.


The fee of basic award, and for endorsement stickers
of course can be sent also via mail:

LZFFA manager
P.O.Box 830
Sofia 1000

E-mail: lz44ffa@gmail.com

Applications can be done directly via Igor´s EW4DX excellent web-site http://ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html

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