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1st activation from Nature Park Oberpfälzer Wald DLFF-098

After finishing a very successful operation from DLFF-097 we were moving direction home and crossing the area from Nature Park Oberpfälzer Wald DLFF-098. Our plan of course was to bring up also this park for the first time on the bands for the WFF-hunters. After unmounting, transferring the approximately 20 kilometers, setting up again we were ready to go for the pile-ups at 1234 UTC with DL6KVA on 40meter as our first contact. Of course some stations were not absolutely sure about the QTH as we used the same call DA0CW/p from both locations however we tried our best to inform the communitiy as often as possible via air or cluster about the current park-number.  At this location we used only one station on 20 and 40meters only. Propagation was not so good anymore and also in the later time 40 meter was very noisy. Anyway we made a mix of nearly 50/50 percent from 40 and 20 meters with main-mode CW with 60 percent of the activity.

With 355 unique calls altogether 388 contacts were made in total operation time of 223 minutes .

Upload from the log to the WFF-database was made at september, 04 2010. Thanks to Igor EW4DX for his great work.

All QSO-partners of course will get also a printed QSL-card which will follow in the september buro-delivery.

Final score for both activities were 975 QSOs, thanks to the callers.

73, 44, Team DA0CW/p

Report for operation from Nature Park Oberpfälzer Wald DLFF-098

Updated: Saturday September 14th, 2013 — 3:19 pm
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