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DA0CW/p active from DLFF-097 and DLFF-098

The DA0CW-operation from sunday,22nd is history. Altogether it was a very successful operation. The team started at 0330UTC in the morning to drive to the first destination Nature-Park Oberer Bayerischer Wald. We altogether made two trips before to clear up about location, so our first planned QTH was not so useful we decided to use one of the other five selected areas. After buildung up generator and special fruit for antenna mountingmounting the first double-dipole we started with the activity with ON3ND who made the Nr. 1 in our log at 0606 UTC. We were active on 40, 30 and 20 meters. finally the end with the cabbage was foundThe pile-ups were very huge from both of our locations. As DLFF-097 is a bit more complicated reachable from us than DLFF-098, we decided to extend the activity on our first location a bit and made our last QSO from DLFF-097 at 1112 UTC with EA5EHS.

We tried to waste no time and as fast as possible everything was clear on our portable-QTH including all rests and we changed with trailer and two cars to the next destination. For this reason we had selected locations which are very closed on the borders of the two parks.

At DLFF-098 Nature Park Oberpfälzer Wald, we used a large parking-place for wanderers, so we were a bit limited with space for antennas and decided to work only with one station and only the double-dipole for 20/40 meters which were also the main-activity-bands in the morning.

Conditions were very strange here. The bands, especially 40 meters very noisy and a lot of atmospheric distortions. At 1234 UTC we began our DLFF-098-activtiy with DL6KVA as Nr. 1 this time.  Last contact was made at 1618 UTC with E71ABC. At the end the bands were not in good shape and thunderstorms in various areas made it not interesting to stay longer, so we decided to leave for home.

The members reached their different home-destinations after a very heavy and long day around 1830 UTC.

We tried to hand out the new counters too as much as possible callers. Sometimes when the behaviour would have been better, also the rate could have been a bit better too.

Thanks to all stations which were calling and made the operation a success.

More statistic infos and photos will follow here in the next time.

Last two photos shows the antenna-mounting with a cabbage-turnip. A hole in the 300gramm fruit helped us to climb the trees, hi.
Unfortunately our “small partner” was damaged when coming down with the end from the double-dipole but with a lot of tape we could use it from the second park, too.
However it was no longer possible to make a soup from it after the end of the operation, so left it back for the wild animals. Thats really WFF-spirit, isn´t it?


Günther -DC2RK-
Xaver -DK4RM-
Manfred -DF6EX-

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