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OK8WFF/p active from Slavkovsky Les OKFF-006

Activity from Slavkovsky Les at 08.august was a great success.

After lots of pro and contra we finally decided very short termed to go to Nature Park Slavkovsky Les on sunday. As well as propagation forecast and also weather forecast was terrible anyway we had the luck and finally got good conditions during our stay.

We started at 0626UTC on 80meters with DK7FK made it at first in our log. However 80 was not so productive for us and we soon changed to 40meters and had our first tremendous pile-up.

Our latest contact was with RA3RTN on 14MHz CW at 1206 UTC. Just ater we pulled the plug from the generator it started to rain. So we could manage to bring down our antennas which were a homebrew multiband-groundplane and a double-dipole for 7+14 MHz (DK4RM) with nearly dry feet. Our activtiy resulted in 723 QSOs.

Bands with greatest score as usual were 40 and 20 meters.

Final log-checking was done and the upload for the WFF-database was sent to Igor at august, 14. So expect your hits in the coming days in your log.

Altogether 655 unique callsigns were found, the mode-statistic shows 47 percent CW and 53 percent phone-contacts.

Thanks to the whole team who made this success possible and of course to all callers which we could hopefully hand out a new park-number.
44, Manfred DF6EX (OK8WFF)

More detailed report click at the link below:

Report for operation from OKFF-006

Updated: Sunday August 15th, 2010 — 8:34 am
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