DF6EX ends with WFF-hunting


after almost two years of more or less successful WFF-hunting I´ve decided to push the brake and stop.

There are a few reasons who brought me to this decision. Against earlier times where activations lasted for one or two days and you really had some real chances the operations today become shorter and shorter. Lot of operations happens during the week and also on the weekends they start at 0800 and end at 1000. Divided by probably three active bands there is a small window where you can work the operation of probably 30 minutes, if conditions allow.

This results nearly in work because there are sometimes 20 operations on a weekend. Also one operation hands out two or better three different numbers with one QSO, if you miss them…

So I very well remember to the times where you worked a new one, they wanted to show the hunters the beauty of the landscape there and often sended out also QSL-cards with some motive from the area. Remember also Jurijs operations with own videos about the landscape.

Today is only important one counter, best to give out 1 hour later the next counter or better to give out two new ones. So thats no longer what I want.

I would recommend all operations, to use only one call, because otherwise the big guns get them two or three times and the small ones remain empty.

I would also suggest, that the commitee thinks about a minimum-QSO rule, that operations qualify only if there was a number of contacts made (of course needs to be fixed, how many)

I would suggest that there are only plaques or similar available, if they can be delivered in a acceptable time. So in my case I am still waiting for plaque 100, 150, 200, 250, however have actually more than 650 confirmed. So when the plaque anytime really arrives it will be not a great moment of honor.

I would also recommend that the rules for handing out WFF-numbers are equal in each country. There are countries where nearly everything counts as a new one, in other countries the list is closed. So its only fair if all rules are  similar in each country.

From my side I will continue to try to do some activations and make also few contacts for fun but end with the attempt to be in the higher regions.

I have a job and a family and want to do beside something else.

So have fun with WFF-hunting but don´t forget the real spirit

“ Lets save the green planet ! “     this was the defined slogan

Updated: August 2, 2010 — 4:37 pm
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