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OC102-OC235-OC231-P29NI-P29VLR-P29VCX-Papua New Guinea

The team around G3KHZ and SM6CVX made their 5th yearly trip to island groups around papua-new-guinea. This time they activated with Madau Island OC205, Lif Island OC205, and Nissan Island OC231 three extreme rare IOTA-entities.

The operation again showed what´s possible also in a low sunspot-cycle when you know how to deal with the conditions and the bands. All three island-activities produced a high QSO-rate and made it also possible with small equipment to get them into the logs.

Again also superfast QSL-service brought the cards right in time before annual IOTA-update-deadline.

Updated: Tuesday February 16th, 2010 — 8:06 pm
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