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NA231-East Pen Island (end of march)

For this trip Cezar has retained the services of two local guides. All the camping gear will be loaded on sleds towed by snowmobiles. Under good weather conditions, the travel to the island should take around 10 hours. Radio equipment will be carefully packed to minimize the severe beating it will take during transportation. Since the sled has no struts, the uneven ground surface will make it jump up to 30/40 cm and land hardly. Inside the tent, condensation will have to be eliminated before switching on the rig. Weather conditions are of concern. Outside temperature is expected to be at the time -20C or lower. The team could leave for the island on good weather, but situation can change very rapidly up north. In less than an hour a blizzard could make the travel impossible. Out there they will have to put up the tent and wait for a change in weather before continuing their journey. This is a rather difficult project and although Cezar is fully committed to it, he wants to convey to everyone that it may have to be aborted if safety concerns dictate it.

Updated: Tuesday February 16th, 2010 — 8:04 pm
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