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OC211-VK6IOA-Houtmans Abrolhous

Thanks to the team around VK6IOA and their QSL-manager VK4AAR. They managed to finish the trip to Robertson Island at 03.Jan2010 and replied the QSL-card just before IOTA-honor-roll deadline at 28.Jan2010. Super-Service especially including two airmail-paths from europe to australia and back. Thanks for the excellent activation.

(Update 03.Feb2010) today got the IO’TA-QSL-cards back from IOTA-checkpoint. Currently it´s not accepted as the checkpoint is still waiting for the documentation.

(Update 24.Feb2010 from G3KMA web-site) OC-211 VK6IOA Robertson Island, Pelsaert Group, Houtman Abrolhos
(December 2009/January 2010) is accepted for IOTA.

Updated: Wednesday February 24th, 2010 — 8:06 pm
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