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VY0V – NA231 Cezar is safe

After the very critical rescue-action out of his extreme dangerous situation, Cezar VE3LYC could be rescued.

Very good to know, all the best for you Cezar and thanks for your efforts.

Read the complete story from Cezar at his DX-pedition-homepage at:


(below an article which was spread in different publications by Skip W5GAI)

I spoke by phone with Cezar VY0V/VE3LYC’s wife Lucy.  Lucy had convinced RCMP that an air rescue was needed because the ground team was way  overdue. She said the 2 man ground rescue team arrived (after 27 hours) about the same time the twin otter plane did around 8PM local.

Cezar called Lucy upon arrival back in Fort Severn, about 120km from East Pen Is. NA-231. One of the two guides who took Cezar to the island was aboard the plane to assist in exact location. He was one of the two who abandoned Cezar approximately 8am on Tuesday, saying they had business back in the village of Ft. Severn and would return. Cezar put out his SOS for Rescue Wednesday afternoon after they didn’t return after 38 hours and he had run out of generator fuel, had no fire, battery running low for radio, rain and wind howling.

Updated: Sunday May 30th, 2010 — 3:35 pm
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