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AS-030 Iwoto Island (Kita Iwo Jima)

As I missed earlier activities from there, just was lucky enough to work JD1BIE from Kita Iwo Jima Island as my IOTA-Nr. 924 confirmed.

Shige was so kind to confirm the second contact with a different QSL-card showing the famous Okino-Torishima-“Reef” shown from top. Very interesting motive, thanks Shige.

I finally found two weeks ago also an ancient video-tape with the expedition 8J1RL from 1979, not so good quality but very interesting to look how they made a country were not really one existed. Meanwhile as visible on the QSL-card there really exist land but not at the end of the 70s.

To my biggest surprise two months ago I received another new one card for the contacts with JD1BIE. So thanks again for rising my color-QSL-card-collection in the near of the 4000 mark, Shige.

Updated: Friday January 7th, 2011 — 1:42 pm
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