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01.05.13 DLFF-119 + DLFF-058

dl02829_webFor the second german castle day, we planned operation from two different castles in two different WWFF-areas. In the morning we started from the castle of Grötschenreuth, located in DLFF-119. In a nearly 3 hour operation we managed altogether 215 contacts. The band was very busy with the OEFF-contest also this morning but the interest on the castle as well on the WWFF still was great. A report on the operation from DLFF-119 with castle-number WCA DL-02829 can be found here.

After a break for dinner we started for the next location. The castle of Waldershof, located in DLFF-058. Conditions now much poorer in the afternoon. Later also some problems with the nearly empty battery. The last contacts were made with QRP on 40 CW. Finally 126 stations went into the log. A report on the operation from DLFF-058 with castle-number WCA DL-03830 can be found here

Thanks to all stations which were calling in. Logs were uploaded and QSL-cards will be sent automatically via the bureau.

Updated: Saturday May 4th, 2013 — 3:27 pm
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