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14.04.13 DLFF-206 first activation

nearly arrived at oschenbergThe new nature-reserve Muschelkalkgebiet am Oschenberg DLFF-216 was first activated at april 14. It was my first WWFF-operation in the new saison and the first weekend which allowed an outside-operation.aufbauweb Operation started at 0814 UTC and was mainly 40 meter-operation. 20 meter had some short openings but the highest amount of stations was as usual 7Mhz. Used FT450 battery-powered and a double-dipole. Altogether 297 stations made it into the log which is already uploaded to WWFF-logsearch and QSL-cards still in process for delivery via the buro. Thanks to all callers and listeners and hope to meet you from another beautiful place as DA0CW/p. 73, 44, Manfred DF6EX
A report on the activation can be found as PDF-file here

Updated: Sunday April 28th, 2013 — 2:50 pm
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