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logsearchOften heard the question in the past, how will WWFF go on. Very easy answer, WWFF goes on in the future as it started as a very interesting program, which gives a lot of portable operators a new view in our beautiful nature. When starting in 2009 it was absolutely fantastic to see, what real great pile-ups resulted in just visiting a beautiful part of the nature.

All attempts from the former russian founder RW3GW to convert it into a commercial business failed. There were very bad new feelings for those who payed for awards and plaques in the past which were never sent and probably never produced by the orginal founder RW3GW.

After we all left RW3GW and we founded a new team again this time Igor EW4DX simply stopped with the upload of logs. Several kind attempts failed to get the work of the activators back. I agree that really Igor built up the first database, but the data were not his own. All that was done by you, the activators, the real essence of WWFF. So my proposal to him was simply to give out the mails with the logs as they were not his personal ownership but he finally doesn´t reply at all and it seems that he believe they belong to him.

With the new start now everything is open. M6ADB Andrew together with a team developed a new logsearch-program. We are actually in the process to get logs from previous activations. Meanwhile more than 1000 logs till today were received here and will be uploaded in an automatic batch process.

Additionally more than 500 german logs plus additionally the more than 250 received since june 2012 are also save and will be inserted in the system.

There are already more than 2200 logs in the system and we will continue. We probably never get all previous logs together but it´s up to you probably help us. All new inserted logs will be also mirrored to two additional servers to have an end of any monopolism.

Keep up enjoying WWFF

WWFF-logsearch at:   http://logsearch.wwff.com
WWFF-homepage at:  http://www.wwff.co

So if you have any additional logs feel free to send it to us at:logs@wff-dl.de


Updated: Februar 23, 2013 — 7:21 pm
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