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Important news from Roger Balister G3KMA.
If you have previous contacts with the deleted entries of Abu Ail or Penguin Islands, which were deleted due to the reason of the DXCC-deletion they can be transferred to their new qualifying groups. So if you have cards for these two, Penguin is now valid for AF-070-group and Abu Ail for AS-009-group.

Original-Text from IOTA-website:

. POLICY CHANGE ON DELETED ISLANDS – the last sentence of E.5.5 has been amended to read ‘In the event of an island DXCC entity group being deleted, the IOTA group number will be archived and score credits will normally be moved on request to the IOTA group to which the island or islands are transferred.’ The previous policy of withdrawing credits which was applied in the case of the Penguin Islands (previously AF-055), Jabal at Tayr (previously AS-034) and Abu Ail (previously AS-035) is recognised as sitting uneasily with the practice of other award programmes to allow credit to stand when there is a change of sovereignty (in the case of DXCC on a Deleted Entities List where credits count towards a range of award scores). There is evidence also that it was inconsistent with practice in the very early days of the IOTA Programme when change of sovereignty had no effect on credits earned. With immediate effect cards for contacts with the Penguin Islands (Penguin and Seal) and the Red Sea Islands (Jabal at Tayr and Abu Ail) may be submitted for credit to AF-070 and AS-009 respectively. There are no other cases.

Updated: Friday May 27th, 2011 — 4:50 am
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