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GMFF-018 Cragbank Woods National Nature Reserve

MM0DGR/p will be operating from the Cragbank Woods National Nature Reserve (GMFF-018) on Saturday, 27th February, 2010. At the moment we don’t know exact (precise) location of the station, but it’s going to be at the foot of Wolfehopelee Hill along B6357 road. Grid locator IO85QI, WAB NT50, EU Area SC26 (Scottish Borders), IOTA EU-005. For more info please have a look at http://www.srars.org/wff-reports/gmff-018.htm

Equipment will be used – Icom IC-706MKIIG (100W on BPSK125) with HLA-300 Plus HF Power Amplifier (300W on other modes). We will use our multiband vertical antenna with a 9 meter vertical radiating wire mounted on a fiberglass pole and matched through the CG-5000 automatic antenna coupler at the bottom, earthed to 8 x 10m elevated radials. This time we are going to use the Radio Works T-4 Line Isolator along the RG8 coaxial cable, and a heavy earth rod mounted at the mobile shack to prevent RF feedback.

The main goal of this trip is to activate a new WFF nature reserve and to participate in the EPC WW DX Contest [www.epcwwdx.srars.org] on BPSK125 mode. There will be a possibility to operate other modes for short periods according to the following frequencies ± QRM: 15 m (CW 21.044 MHz, SSB 21.244 MHz); 20 m (CW 14.044 MHz, SSB 14.244 MHz); 30 m (CW 10.124 MHz); 40 m (CW 7.024 MHz, SSB 7.144 MHz). QSL-cards should be sent via MM0DFV, preferably through the QSL-bureau.

The Cragbank Woods National Nature Reserve (NNR) is located in Scottish Borders, a few miles southeast from Hawick. This expedition is organized under the WFF (World Flora and Fauna) award program [www.wff44.com]. The sponsor of this mini DX-pedition is Radioarena [www.radioarena.co.uk]. We are looking forward to see you on the bands, and especially in the EPC WW DX Contest on BPSK125 mode.

All the very best from Scotland and our warmest 73!
de MM0DGR/p

Updated: Saturday February 27th, 2010 — 10:49 am
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