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DA0CW/p DLFF-119 Nature Park Steinwald May, 21

May 21, Team DA0CW/p will be active from Nature Park Steinwald at abt 760meter asl.
Operation will last from about 0530 UTC till 1100 UTC.

DA0CW/p will hand out DLFF-119 and also WCA DL-02346 Burgruine Weissenstein. Participants will be Günther DC2RK, Xaver DK4RM and Manfred DF6EX. Activity will be on 40, 30, 20, 17 meters, probably also 80meter at the early beginning but not sure right now.
QSL-card as usual for the DA0CW-activities via DL7RAG. You don´t need to send your QSL-card as we don´t collect cards for our portable-operations.
All QSOs will be confirmed from us automatically via bureau. One week after the operation we will make the upload to the WFF-database and also to the WCA-database.
As the first operation from DLFF-119 in may 2010 was on a CW-contest-day we plan again to make the main-activity in CW. Please check the usual WFF-frequencies and if you find us, please spot us in the cluster.
QSL-cards for the latest activity are in print and will be in the bureau the next four weeks. Upload for DLFF-060 log was done to Igor EW4DX.
Thanks and hope to contact you on saturday,
73, 44, 11 Manfred -DF6EX- for Team DA0CW/p
(english reports from all our previous operations are available on this site, reports in german can be found at http://www.u23.de)

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