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The Castle of Falkenberg WCA DL-02335

Manfred -DF6EX- is now responsible for handing out COTA-numbers in German DARC District Bavaria-East U. In agreement with Andrew RN1CW and Gerhard DL5AWI the first listing out of the area of northern upper palatinate containing 16 castles has been presented and beside the internal COTA-numbers BOB-001 till BOB-016 all of them received their WCA-numbers from RN1CW.

First activity out of them was started with DL-02335, the castle of Falkenberg. This will be not a difficult task to get because two hams living with direct view to the castle. So watch for DL5RM Hans or DF6EX Manfred which are able to hand out this counter.
This first listing with the 16castles can be found here. There are also weblinks to the various objects included as well as QTH-locators. So stay tuned and watch for further activities in the future.

Also activity with DA0CW/p will follow in the near future. Watch the announcements in the various sources.

Updated: Thursday May 19th, 2011 — 2:24 pm
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