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DA0CW/p activation DLFF-058 17.April 2011

We started with our WFF-activities last year at april 18, so our main-interest was to check how many demand would be on our pre-activated parks. So nearly exactly one year later we started at april 17 with the re-activation of Nature Park Fichtelgebirge DLFF-058. Our host Günther DC2RK is a resident in DLFF-058 so we could use his garden-house and as usual his trailer for the activation. We started at 0615 UTC with the first station UR5QMX in the log. Operators were Xaver DK4RM which was mainly active on 30 and 17 meters and Josef DO6RZ on 15 meters in Camp A and Manfred DF6EX on 40 and 20 meter in Camp B. Several dipoles and a G5RV were used. 15 and 17 meter was mostly poor and produced not too many contacts, on 20 and 40 we had always trouble with some running contest-activities. However pile-ups on 20 and 40 SSB were sometimes great.
So we finally could manage to get 572 contacts in our log. Our mix this time was 40 percent CW and 60 percent SSB-contacts. Altogether 532 unique callsigns could be logged and made the operation successful.
After nearly five hours we pulled the plugs at 1103UTC with YO3LXB at the end of our log.
Special thanks goes to our host Günther DC2RK and his xyl Hilde for the great hospitality. Logs has been already sent to Igor EW4DX for the WFF-database. Normal paper-QSL-cards will follow in a reasonable time by our QSL-manager Heinz DL7RAG.
Additional WFF-report which we write for all our activations to the WFF can be viewed here.
Hope to see you from another one.
Team DA0CW/p

Updated: Friday April 22nd, 2011 — 5:04 pm
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