WFF-plaques, late but arrived

More than one year after applying for the honor-roll-plaques, I got it in good condition but of course very delayed, hi.
There shall be a new management-system for the plaques and globes available in a short time according the info from Valery RW3GW.
However of course it´s a problem, because when I made this plaques, it was an honor, however meanwhile with the flood of new WFFs it´s very easy to claim several hundreds in a short time, so I think management is not fast enough for the rapid changes in the past. I personally remember the time when it was tough to get the next level with 50 WFFs. When I ended with my hunting in november you could get sometimes 20 new WFFs on a weekend.
I never heard anything again from RFF-honor-roll. I applied in october 2009. Still asked for again but no reply, seems that this plaque no more exist, but anyway, strange.
44, Manfred -DF6EX-

Updated: April 4, 2011 — 4:48 am
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