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The romanian division of WFF offers an award, which is similar based than DXCC however only contacts with national-parks in the countries count.

Only the main DXFF Diploma request need 5 euros or 5 valid IRC, and is delivered printed.
Next upgrade diplomas is issued free of charge if required receipt in electronic format (pdf).

Applications can be done directly at IgorĀ“s site at http://www.ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html
If desired format is printed will be paid 5 euros or 5 valid IRC each.

Address of Award Manager:

YO3JW, Fenyo Stefan
P.O.Box 19-43
RO-033210 Bucuresti 19

Contacts of Award Manager: fenyo3jw@yahoo.com

Basic class from the diplom is available for ten different DXCC-countries.
Endorsements awards for any ten new one are available.

Pit YO3JW answers every request very fast and professional and is also
one the activators from YP1WFF which were very active during the past years from all of the different YOFF-areas.

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