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new IOTA-cards arrived here

All of you a happy and successful new year 2011

After pulling the plug in my old QTH with 26000 contacts with DXCC-full-house, more than 950 IOTAs and around 1200 confirmed WFFs in 2010 which brought me in the best time to Nr. 8 in WFF-top-hunter-roll the Butternut HF9 still parking in my garage.
Picture shows my Butternut-groundplane number 3.
Buyed the first HF5 in 1980, when moved the last time in the early 90s buyed the second one, a HF6 with WARC-addition which was kept some years later by a very heavy storm and was replaced by a HF9.

Will see if I´m interested to continue in the new year. Currently 50cm snow are no good argument for antenna-work. So during the silent days took also some pictures from the neighboured nature-park Steinwald DLFF-119.

As my activity is very low at the moment I´m concentrating to fill up the missing ones. Postman brought me 4 new ones for my IOTA Nr. 934,935,936 and 937.

Received from Bill VK4FW my card for OC141 VK8MM (his second call, the picture has nothing to do with the operator).

In todays mail now the cards from T32CI, T32MI and T32SI arrived via their manager SM6CAS.

To send him the cards and get the reply took only 10 days. If some other manager like K1IED or IZ8CCW would follow this rule DXing would make much more fun.

So thanks for the good work to Nils SM6CAS.

Updated: Wednesday January 5th, 2011 — 6:09 pm
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